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Using our team’s combined 130 years of industry expertise, we fuel publishers with the solutions they need to put quality at the helm of their ship.

At Performance Lab, we are not afraid to experiment, push the limit and think outside the box to come up with the ideal performance marketing solutions.

Our Partners

We operate across diverse markets all across the world, from the UK and US to France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, Mexico and beyond.

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With a talented network of performance marketing experts spread across the world in Australia, the UK, the US and Europe, Performance Lab provides diverse performance marketing services to make publishers lives easier- and more successful.

21 Languages

Our team is as diverse as the markets we operate in, with languages like French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, and even Hindi fluently spoken by our experts! This means we’ll never use an online translation app to understand your market.

Global Coverage

Operating out of 5+ timezones means there’s a Performance Lab expert awake and ready to assist you at any point of the day.

We are
SEO Specialists.

Did you know that in 2018, 61% of all companies around the world set “Growing SEO” as their most dominant priority? We know the value of SEO because we work with it day in and day out, optimizing both on and off-page practices to ensure our publishers’ content is as relevant as can be.

We are
Content Wizards.

Quality engaging content is our passion. We wholeheartedly believe in the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”, which is why we give each and every word we put out there the TLC needed to give customers value - and a reason to re-visit.

We are
PPC Experts.

2018 was the biggest ever year for PPC marketers, and it’s only going up from there! From text ads to mobile, social, remarketing and display, Performance Lab acquires an average of 22 million users per month across hundreds of sites covering every walk of life.

We go Beyond Data

Ad personalization is one of the most prominent steps forward in online advertising today. Our proprietary technology ensures remarketing to high intent customers who are most likely to convert so that every click counts.

No Strangers

We profile 10+ million unique users per day to get a clearer understanding of every visitor’s intent, behaviours and interests. This allows us to optimise the publisher-advertiser partnership to make the online experience valuable to both parties, as well as the consumer.

One to One:

Our tech enables us to provide personalised, one-to-one online journeys, following the user from acquisition all the way through to engagement and conversion.

Our Advertisers

We value our partnerships with some of the world’s most successful advertisers, including:

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